Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's for Dinner???

I have been in search of a really GOOD Chicken 'n Dumplin recipe for a long time. I have tried way too many to mention and all have been good, but just not right. Looking for that "old" fluffy dumplins - you know the ones that look like little white clouds. UGH .. all say they are, but they aren't.

Click source under photo for link to recipe. I doubled it for my family which gave us enough for leftovers and I added two cans of mixed veggies to it.

I remember as a child my granny Bryant (really she was our neighbor and my childhood BF's grandma) made such yummy "clouds". My "real" grandma did as well. I'm beginning to think that ALL grandmas have taken their recipes with them to heaven.

My version of the recipe ...
cooking in the crockpot ...
So I am trying a NEW recipe tonight that I found by way of Pinterest - yep that is right, the good ole Pinterest to the rescue. I love using my crockpot for dinners and this one is a crockpot version. Hmmmm, just maybe this will turn out perfectly perfect. They aren't made from scratch (which is how I have always done it) - this one calls for BISCUITS. I can't believe I am going to do this, but I'm going to do it anyways. And I wont be telling the hubs until after he digs in and hopefully likes them. Then maybe I will tell him.
just before everyone digs in ....
I would still like to find a good from scratch recipe so if anyone knows of one, PLEASE tell me about it.

I will update on how they turn out tonight. Wish me luck y'all. I love me some Chicken 'n Dumplins & with a picky hubs and 4 kiddos with each their own taste buds - I hope this one hits the spot. I am also going to add in some veggies like I see some others do in their pictures from the recipe. Just looks so darn yummy.
My very own bowl ...
Oh my goodies ... It was so good. The thickness was exactly what my hubs and I have been searching for. HOWEVER, it was too sweet for him. His first bite no comment, then second bite came ... only one complaint - too sweet. He does not like sweet food (I don't mind a little sweetness to my food).
Now even though he stated that, he did have a 2nd helping. :)
I hadn't told him yet that I used can biscuits for the dumplins, so when he finally did ask me and I told him - he then named the exact brand I bought. He knew the flavor. Ha ha, he is so darn good at that. So I am thinking I will make some homemade biscuits next time and let the dough sit for a while and then use that. That should get rid of the sweet taste for him. And keep the FLUFFY CLOUD we enjoyed from it tonight. That part was right on. :)
Actually EVERYONE had a second scoop. And that is a good thing with my bunch. That is how I measure if I will make a dish again or not.
Only Justin could have done without the veggies in his. He easts EVERY fruit he can get his hands on but he does not like veggies. I have to sneak them into meals so that he will eat them. A silly lil boy he is.

Wishing y'all a beautiful day.
May God Bless all y'alls hearts.

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