Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Blooming Butterflies

I wanted to share a little  BIG project with y'all that I started on last night for Bree's bedroom. As I told y'all before we are beginning a bedroom redo and it is constantly changing due to a 9yr olds changing mind. :)  We each have so many ideas but can only do so many due to the size of her room, so each thing we plan to do has to be thought out very carefully. WHY? you ask ... well, her room is only the size of a crib .. haha. Okay, a little bit bigger than that, but not by much.

Bree got stuck with the smallest of 4 bedrooms in our apartment ... heck we didn't even get the biggest bedroom. The floor plan is a split however the biggest bedroom is our oldest daughters cause it is among the three bedrooms at the other end of the apartment. But that isn't why we didn't fight for it. The "master bedroom" has a bathroom, but not a master bathroom. We don't have access to it from our bedroom, but rather just outside our bedroom. UGH ... ridiculous. Well, my hubs was not about to give our daughter a bathroom and we share with the kids, nor were we wanting to sleep at one end of the apartment and then have to walk to the other to use the "master bathroom". Ha Ha - SERIOUSLY. Just don't get what went through the builders head with this one. That is only one of the "stupid" things about this apartment, but we are not complaining at all. We thank God for putting it before us to get. It was available at the time we needed it (it was a need, not a want). So Thank you God.
Source - Pottery Barn Kids catalog - couldn't find online to link 

Back to today's project... Blooming Butterflies. I saw this photo on Pinterest and got inspired on how I can make some of these myself for her room and use stuff I already had on hand. YES!!!! I love ALL things I can do for low $$ or even for FREE ... awesome, right! Especially when I have 4 bedrooms & the rest of the apartment to decorate. We moved in with very little stuff and basically started from scratch. *when we moved back south from ND we didn't have any furnishings since we spent an entire year living out of suitcases and a hotel room ... more of this story later. Should write a book on it. hee hee

Back on subject - These photos totally inspired me and so I got to work last night. I did a quick search on pinterest for "butterfly templates" and got a few to choose from. I then printed a couple different ones out on CARD STOCK. Had plans to print several, but after only 5 I ran out of ink ... go figure. But 5 is a good start.

After printing them out on card stock, I then went through my fabric stash and picked out 5 cotton fabrics, I'm sure others would work, but I liked the ones I chose and they were cotton.

Then I cut around the butterflies, but NOT on the lines. Leave some edges ...
I then cut a piece of Pellon to the size of the card stock and iron it to the fabric ...
Next wait til it cools and then peel the Pellon off of the fabric. Be careful as you start and make sure the "sticky" stuff adhered to the fabric. You don't want it to still be stuck to the paper. If a little is, iron again and let cool. Then peel again. Just follow the manufactures instructions.
"Tack" down the printed on card stock to the fabric just in the center and here and there without letting your iron touch the fabric - it will RUIN your iron. Be careful.
Now cut the extra fabric away along the edges.
Now iron the whole piece down good. Start from one side and flip over and iron from other side.
Then cut out on the line and fold the wings like I have done in the below picture. This gives the butterflies a 3D appearance.
And there you have some Blooming Butterflies
Only 5 done & Many many more to go.
I will be hand drawing some today and doing the exact same process. Then once I get to the store and get more ink I will print more out too in different sizes.
I am so happy with how these turned out. I am thinking I am going to complete at least 20 more, maybe more. hee hee .... who only knows.
The plan is to have these flying up her wall from a corner towards her window.
I am planning on making some of those two layer butterflies as well from the first photo I showed y'all. I think those will be so cute. :)

As for tacking them to the walls - have to really think this one through before I do it. Don't want to leave horrid marks to have to fix when we move, but want them to stay and not fall. Was thinking of using poster tacky stuff (forget what it is called) ... would love to use Velcro - that would be so easy to do and she could play with them by rearranging them if she wanted to. But have to see what sort of marks that will leave behind. I would so LOVE to use Velcro for this. :) Plus I have Velcro on hand. How perfect that would be. Crossing fingers right now.
Another option would be thumb tacks - but don't want that sucker showing. :(
There is also double sided tape; possible option.
I'm sure there are other options, just got to think of them.
I hope to have all of these done and ready to attach to her walls by this weekend. I will show y'all a picture once I get them completed. Lots of ironing and cutting ahead of me.
DRUM ROLL .... Here is our work in progress. I still have more to attach but wanted to show y'all how it is turning out. Eek, so darn excited. She is VERY HAPPY with her
Blooming Butterflies!!! :)

Wanted to show y'all a sneak peak at my next project ....

Tutorial coming up on this one!!!
Wishing y'all a beautiful day.
May God Bless all y'alls hearts.

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