Monday, November 26, 2012

Making a simple table runner ...

As cyber Monday draws to an end
I decided to pull out the sewing machine
and do a little creating ...
A simple table runner
for the Christmas season.
With two boys who have to
touch everything it seems ...
Less is More in our House. LOL!!!
First I found my fabrics ...

I first ripped my fabric on the long lenth to give
it a raw edge as you can see in other pictures. I failed to
grab a photo of that. :(
Then I folded down one short edge and ironed a straight edge.
Then I set my straight stitch as shown ... IMPORTANT NOTE ...
as you are sewing with this setting pull the back end of the fabric
as you sew so that it doesn't gather up on you.

Sew along the ironed edge as shown. REMEMBER pull
the fabric through as you sew so it doesn't gather.
Then I trimed the extra off with my
Pinking shears. You could do a PROPER hem
but I wasn't worried about that
for this project.

My pretty stitch ... LOL!

I now cut my "ruffle fabric" to the width I
I left my sewing machines setting
at the same. Now WITHOUT pulling, I sew a stitch
down through the center of my "ruffle" fabric.
After every few stitches I do a "back stitch" to  lock
the ruffle in place. You don't have to do this,
but I like to do it.
what I have when I'm done...

I just love the glitter and snowflakes on this fabric ..

Now line up your edges as shown ...
I wanted my ruffle to be on the edge,
and I lined up the raw edges.
I didn't mind leaving edges raw on this project.
No one will be close examining it in my house. :)

I didn't get a photo of the next step ..
you now want your stitch to be a "normal"
straight stitch. Now sew the "ruffle" to the runner
straight down the same seam you made when you
ruffled up your "ruffle" ... this masks the 2nd seam here.
Sew all the way down.
Do this to both edges...
I had planned to do an Over the Top centerpiece this year;
however, the past several days has shown me
Less is More!
I have two boys that want to touch and play
with everything I have put out.

Plus this makes it easy for dinner. The girls
can strip the table down easily so we have enough
room at our table.
Maybe next year will be BIG!!!!
So how many Santas do you have in your house
I have way too many. Teehee

**I also didn't give any measurements. All tables are different obviously.
You want to make sure you have a long enough piece to go across your
table plus some extra to hang if you like (I did it that way).
You also want to make sure you have a long enough piece to ruffle up;
you can however sew pieces together to get this length.
Wishing all y'all a Merry Christmas season.


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