Monday, November 26, 2012

Making a simple table runner ...

As cyber Monday draws to an end
I decided to pull out the sewing machine
and do a little creating ...
A simple table runner
for the Christmas season.
With two boys who have to
touch everything it seems ...
Less is More in our House. LOL!!!
First I found my fabrics ...

I first ripped my fabric on the long lenth to give
it a raw edge as you can see in other pictures. I failed to
grab a photo of that. :(
Then I folded down one short edge and ironed a straight edge.
Then I set my straight stitch as shown ... IMPORTANT NOTE ...
as you are sewing with this setting pull the back end of the fabric
as you sew so that it doesn't gather up on you.

Sew along the ironed edge as shown. REMEMBER pull
the fabric through as you sew so it doesn't gather.
Then I trimed the extra off with my
Pinking shears. You could do a PROPER hem
but I wasn't worried about that
for this project.

My pretty stitch ... LOL!

I now cut my "ruffle fabric" to the width I
I left my sewing machines setting
at the same. Now WITHOUT pulling, I sew a stitch
down through the center of my "ruffle" fabric.
After every few stitches I do a "back stitch" to  lock
the ruffle in place. You don't have to do this,
but I like to do it.
what I have when I'm done...

I just love the glitter and snowflakes on this fabric ..

Now line up your edges as shown ...
I wanted my ruffle to be on the edge,
and I lined up the raw edges.
I didn't mind leaving edges raw on this project.
No one will be close examining it in my house. :)

I didn't get a photo of the next step ..
you now want your stitch to be a "normal"
straight stitch. Now sew the "ruffle" to the runner
straight down the same seam you made when you
ruffled up your "ruffle" ... this masks the 2nd seam here.
Sew all the way down.
Do this to both edges...
I had planned to do an Over the Top centerpiece this year;
however, the past several days has shown me
Less is More!
I have two boys that want to touch and play
with everything I have put out.

Plus this makes it easy for dinner. The girls
can strip the table down easily so we have enough
room at our table.
Maybe next year will be BIG!!!!
So how many Santas do you have in your house
I have way too many. Teehee

**I also didn't give any measurements. All tables are different obviously.
You want to make sure you have a long enough piece to go across your
table plus some extra to hang if you like (I did it that way).
You also want to make sure you have a long enough piece to ruffle up;
you can however sew pieces together to get this length.
Wishing all y'all a Merry Christmas season.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree ...

Merry Christmas everyone.
With over 200 ornaments collected through the
past 15 years ... here she is.
*yes we forgot the garland* will fix that ...
Our tradition (ever since I can remember)
is to put our Christmas tree up
the day after Thanksgiving.
So even now with 4 kiddos
we carry on the tradition and the kids
ache with pain all through
the month of November in
anticipation of that one day after.
Who doesn't love a light up
Coca-Cola polar bear ...
we have 4 (each different of course)
and we even got a visit
from our Neighborhood
SpiderMan last night.

ELVES ... Yes we have three elves
hidden in our tree.
I think this is the part the kids
look forward to the most.
They ask and ask
about these elves until they appear.

Santa of course ... we have soo many
Santas I'm not sure how
they even keep track of themselves.

Yes, even a UGA Santa...
Go Dawgs.
Best be a Dawg fan in our house
or you may not get
visited by Santa.

Yep ... ELF #2 tucked
away ... I hope
he doesn't get into too
much mischief ...

and his pal ... ELF #3 ...
oh boy, it might be an interesting
month ahead.
A little bit of Christmas Sparkle
going on up in that tree...

oh my, look there, another Santa.
teehee, they are al so cute.

Who doesn't need a Sparkly
jet to fly around
during Christmas ... we got one!

We even have a few that have
traveled all the way
from Australia to spend
Christmas with us.

and what do you know ...
Santa and his trusty
**After we got about 50+ ornaments hung
we realized we forgot to put on the garland first.
Our tree is missing that extra pop of garland
color. So I will be crocheting some garland with bells
to carfully run through the branches and
ornaments. I will share a final
photo once done.
Going to use this tutorial I did up for y'all -
Wishing all y'all a Wonderful & Beautiful Christmas Season!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Been up to ...

Hello everyone ...
It is the eve of Thanksgiving.
How many of you are NOT ready yet?
Teehee, I'm not.
Up until last night I was going to be hosting
Thanksgiving at our place. However
we will be going to the parents
this year. BUT all we are doing
is taking the food there.
Mom will still be preparing the usual as
we had planned.
They have a yard for the kids to enjoy.
AND just bigger overall.
What have I been up too lately .....
creating a Unique basket liner for Photographers.
I am still working on naming it ...
But SHAG comes to mind.
Will be offered in many size and color
I actually plan to create a livingroom
size rug like this ..
that will take me a while to complete however.
But will be worth it once I start
and complete it.
One has already been sold to Ms Mallie with
Can not wait to see what she does with it.
**A pattern will be created for this.
Happy Thanksgiving all y'all wonderful People.

Friday, November 16, 2012

wrapping, wrapping, and more wrapping ...

I have been having so much
fun today wrapping up orders for my shop.
Would you like to see what my shipments look like?
Okay, here you go ...

I just LOVE pretty packages.
Besides what fun is it to open your mailbox
see a package from ... a little Southern Heart ...
Then you open the envelope/box and
this is what you get.
Almost makes you not want to open it,
but you just have too.

Wishing all y'all a beautiful day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

... a little Princess in the making

So sorry for my absence. I have been away
working on items to fill my
new Etsy shop. Plan to open this weekend.
Here is a little something I was working
last night and finished up
this morning.
She is meant to be worn by a 1yr old
Princess having her pictures
taken by the talented

I didn't follow a pattern, created it step by step
on my own and just went with it.
Hope you like...
I sketched out a rough yet precise pattern. teehee
Then just sewed a straight stitch around the whole pattern as shown above.

Sewed around the entire pattern.

My straight stitch left after sewing around pattern.

With pinking shears I then cut around the entire thing.
(Oh I guess I should add -- I have a satin and cotton layered with
a layer of that fusible stuff between them. I ironed it to the satin's wrong side)

after cutting around the whole crown -- Carfully!!!!

I first played with a lot of stuff to end up with what I show now.
This was my first step at decorating it up.

and added more girly touches.

and here she finished. The right side.

close up of the right side. I attached a silver satin ribbon
for it to tie in the back. Making it adjustable for different sized heads.

and the Left side.

and the front view.

So what do y'all think?
If you have any questions, feel free to post a question or
See more of my creations and become a follower
also you can follow me on Pinterest at
I will be opening my etsy shop very soon.
This weekend soon !!!!!!
Bless all Y'all!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Early Christmas ... Crochet Jingle Bell garland

I can not wait for Christmas to get here. I love everything
about the season. The colors, smells, decorations, Christmas trees, ALL OF IT.
I was trying to come up with an Early Christmas project to kick
things off in September. Heehee, just don't want to wait.
My hubs starts next week getting all the lights and decorations
for the town started (yes you read that right - next week already)
We live in a small town (not even a Wal-mart & not even one craft shop) ...
it is a sad fact. :(
Well Christmas is a HUGE deal here however. We are well known for our
street lights and for the Christmas lights (I say it this way
cause I swear we have more street lights than Atlanta.
You could probably see our town from space on a clear night.
Okay so back to point. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and want to make something
festive. So, I was browsing Pinterest (heehee) for an easy & fast
idea. Just a little something to do.
Here is what I found -
click photo to original link for this project
I knew immediately I have everything needed for this project.
I had just recently rediscovered a baggie full of bells
and I knew I wanted to use my Shimmer yarns in Red and Green.
Shiny silver bells and sparkle yarn - how festive.
This project is quick and easy. Chain stitch is all it takes.
The hardest part was pushing the bells down the yarn
CONSTANTLY, only cause I used 20+ for mine.
I plan to make several of these both in red and green yarn to
drape on our Christmas tree OR to decorative elsewhere.
I will also use smaller strands to wrap around presents.
That will be so festive under the Christmas Tree.
what I used

I used some floss, tied it on the yarn to aid in
threading the bells onto my yarn. It worked perfectly.

To attach your first bell -
create a slip knot and bring the first bell up to the knot.

chain 15 and bring the second bell up to the hook.

as you see.

chain 15 more and continue this process
until you have all the bells on that you want.

another view of bell sandwiched between a chain 15 and
the beginning of the next chain 15.

at the end tie on a last bell,
pull tight and cut off extra.
Do the same at the beginning.

I can't wait to get more of these made up in both red & green.
Christmas will be here before we know it and I will get to
decorate with these. Can't wait!!!!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun
it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh,
Wishing y'all a beautiful day,
May God bless all y'alls hearts.