Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bows, Bows, and more Bows!!!

Okay, so it is no surprise to those who know me that I LOVE hair accessories. Almost everyday I have something in my hair. Flower clip, bow clip, headband with flower or bow attached; there is always something in my hair.
I am currently in a BOW phase right now. I just LOVE bows in my hair.
Bree the younger of my two daughters feels the same way I do - Accessorize the hair!
So I thought I would show you some of my recent bows ... The Peanut Bow ...

And these are so easy to make y'all.
Quick and easy Picture Pattern for y'all -
*Yarn of your choice
*crochet hook of your choice to work with your yarn choice
I am working this Purple bow up using RedHeart Acrylic yarn (examples above are all in cotton yarn)
Using the I hook (5.50)

chain 10 stitches
Half Double crochet in each chain across starting in the 2nd chain from hook, chain 1 at end (9 half doubles)

 Turn, half double crochet in each back across, chain 1 (2 rows of 9 half doubles)
 Turn, half double crochet in each back across (3 rows of 9 half doubles) DO NOT chain 1
 You are now going to give the rectangle a curved oval look - single crochet down the side you are at, then you will single crochet across the bottom, & single crochet back up the other side and STOP at the corner as shown in picture below.
F/O and weave in your yarn ends to the back side.
 This is your finished piece.
Now cut a piece of matching or coordinating yarn at about 10 inches or so. You want to pinch the center of your oval like a bow and wrap the yarn around the center a few times. Get the look you like (make sure it is centered on your bow) & then tie it off in the back in a double knot.
 My finished "Peanut" bow ... this one is for my oldest Daughter who is not a lover of PINK but of PURPLE instead. Whatever :( heehee

If you would rather a center like shown in the first group of pictures, then follow this step -
work up a chain of 9 stitches,
crochet back across with a single crochet (8 sc)
F/O and weave in your ends.
Wrap the piece around your pinched up bow and secure with either an adhesive you like or use a blunt tip tapestry needle and sew together for a finished look.
**Also a little extra info ... the example photos up top of this post were made doing sc, not dc stitches. I believe I ended up doing 5 or 6 rows of those. Sorry y'all, just noticed that in my pictures.
But as you can see you can alter your stitches to your liking and make some really cute bows.
ANOTHER fun stitch combo I like for bows is sc,hdc ... altering them & sc, dc ... altering them.
You can now attach your finished "Peanut" bow to an elastic headband, alligator clip, metal headband, crocheted headband, shoe clip, & the list of possibilities goes on from there.
ANOTHER cute idea is to use these on gifts this Holiday season coming up. How cute that would be.
I hope you enjoy making yourself lots & lots of "Peanut" bows.
Wishing y'all a beautiful Thursday,
May God Bless all y'alls hearts.

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