Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coffee Filter Blossoms with Stems

Yay, today is TUTORIAL THURSDAY!!!! Double yay!!

Today's project is an old one. Well that is it is all over the Internet ... many tutorials out there just like this one. However, I love learning by way of pictures and that is where mine is different. I give you LOTS of pictures. Step by Step by pictures. There are many different yet similar ways of  doing this project, however, this is my way.

What you need to make a Coffee Filter Blossom ...

1. Coffee Filters (12 for each blossom)
2. Food coloring
3. 1/4 cut of water per color
4. bowl
5. scissors
6. glue gun
7. paper towels
8. wooden dowels (stick)
9. blow dryer or heating tool
10. tool to hold filter down while you dry them (I use a crochet hook - I have plenty)
11. metal baking sheet or 2

Step 1 - lay out filters flat
Step 2 - fold filter in half
Step 3 - fold one side in a 1/3
Step 4 - fold to remaining 1/3
Step 5 - Complete 3 of these
Step 6 - Line them up in your hand keeping them as straight as possible
Step 7/8/9 - Cut a petal shape


Step 1 - lay them out flat
Step 2 - place them in food dye/water mixed
Step 3 - completely cover them
Step 4 - let them sit for a couple minutes or just one if you are impatient :)
Step 5 - squeeze out all the water (your hands will stain, but it will come off EVENTUALLY. Wear plastic gloves if this bothers you. My hands always have something on them. :)
Step 6 - Lay them out on a paper towel (doubled) to wait for drying
Step 1 - pick your drying tool (or you can hang them individually and let them air dry. I am too impatient for that. So I use my cool blow dryer. Heating tool is quieter, but slower at drying. hee hee
Step 2 - using your "tool" hold it down in center and start drying (on high takes only seconds to dry completely)
Picture 3 - shows it dry (lighter color)
Picture 4 - Difference between wet and dry
Step 1 - cut a "x" in center of each petal (easiest way to do this is fold in 1/2 then fold in 1/2 again. Then make a small snip at the point)
Step 2 - take your first layer and place hot glue (or other adhesive your rather) around the "x" - if using hot glue, you need to move fast to step 3
Step 3 - take your wood dowel or stick and place the end through the center of the "x" - sorry couldn't take a picture of this step. You end up with a small amount of the end of the stick centered in the center of the layer. Filter is squeezed around it.
Picture 4 - Repeat with the next petal layer.
Picture 5 - Take your fingers and squeeze and roll and tighten each layer up against the layer before it.
Picture 6 - As you go squeeze them together as shown to tighten the center up and attach each layer to the layer before it.
Picture 7 - As you can see with each petal layer you push the next up a little past the one before it. This keeps all layers aligned properly for fullness.
Picture 8 - this is only after 8 of the 12 layers have been attached. Just love the fullness of these.

If you want to tip them in a different color, follow these steps. This one I tipped because of a mistake well calculated, on purpose mistake. ha ha
After starting this I concluded there would have been a much easier and faster way to do this, however since it wasn't exactly planned, I had to do it this way. (I laid a the edge of a dried lavender petal against one of those WET blue ones - this then caused a flaw in my blossom)
If you want to PLAN to do this, do this step after you dry the main color, but before you assemble them. Then dry again. hee hee
Step 1 - separate the layers starting at the bottom
Step 2 - begin hand painting around each petal with a small paint brush and another color of dye
Step 3 - and continue
Step 4 - and continue
Step 5 - and continue (this took a while)
Picture 6 - Finished, but edges still wet - going to leave to air dry
Shown in -
A lavender purple shade
A yellow
A lighter pink
A blue turquoise shade
A lime green shade
in White
I am also going to do some in tea-dyed shades for my Master Bedroom (will show those when I get to that project). These I did for my Bree girls bedroom. Will show completed project as soon as I get to that. Ha ha ... so much to do and show. So few hours in a day and week.
**Stay tuned for tomorrows FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!! Will be giving away a cute lil crochet pattern of mine.Very cute.
May God Bless all y'alls hearts,

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