Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Aboard ...

What is Crafting with a Southern Heart you ask??????  To sum it up -- Playful & Colorful ... Sometimes Funky, Whimsical, & Unusual ... Always a GIRLY one-of-a-kind

As I am new to blogging, a huge HELLO to all who stop by. Please bare with me as I work my fingers around the blogging world. I am so excited to start this blog and I hope you enjoy it so much you wont be able to help but stop in on a daily basis to see what I have got in the works.

I hope to WILL have a little something for y'all to browse through daily. My plan is the following ...

(Once my page gets noticed that is - haha) For now I may not post daily, but atleast weekly.

Mondays ... Giveaway!!!! Yay, who doesn't like a giveaway.
Tuesday ... Tutorial!!!! How about a fun tutorial day ... crafting, DIY, cooking, baking, etc. Each week a new little something different.
Wednesday ... Words of Wisdom!!!! ha ha, as if I have that many words of Wisdom to share. However I will do my darndest to conger up some words for EVERY Wednesday.
Thursday ... ANOTHER Tutorial!!!! Yep you read that right; my goal is to have two tutorials EVERY week.
Friday ... Freebie!!!! okay, so who doesn't like MORE free stuff. I know I do. :)

Go get your cup of favorite coffee or tea, pull up a chair with a comfy seat and get ready for some GIRLY fun.

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