Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How do you start your day???

This is how mine starts ...

So you may be thinking HOLY COW WOMAN that is a lot to take. What the heck is wrong with you? ha ha ... actually these are ALL vitamins and supplements. I swear by these pills y'all. Up until two weeks ago I suffered from MAJOR fatigue and tiredness ALL DAY LONG. I had a massive case of insomnia; I only slept on average 3-4 hrs a night and then would require naps throughout the day. Little ones and sometimes long ones. It was horrible.

I have been a diabetic for years. But this was by no means sugar related drowsiness. It was on a chronic level, no I'm not a Dr. but I tell you, it was severe. So my hubs did some research for what might help (he was already taking multiple supplements himself so why not). THANK YOU MY SWEETS. He and I noticed a difference within only 2 days. NO NAPPING anymore, not once since. I go to bed regular (except for last night, I was typing my first REAL post, ha ha); so the mind was a bit anxious to get it done.  I feel so much more alert and my mind isn't in a fog like it was. I can not describe the fog it was in y'all. It was like I was just floating around the house with no control. But I have it back. I am walking and working out again. YES, cause Lord knows this body needs it.

So what am I taking you might be asking ...

with breakfast (tried it on empty stomach ... wont do that again ... ever)

1. Insulin (well actually as soon as I wake I take that)
2. Cinnamon 500mg plus Chromium (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *promotes sugar metabolism
3. Multi-betic multi-vitamin & mineral (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
4. Green Tea Extract  10 mg plus green tea leaf (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *antioxidant support
5. Chromium picolinate 500 mcg (1) - GNC
    *supports glucose utilization
6. B12 500mcg (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *Energy metabolism
7. Iron 27mg (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *General Health
8. B6 200mg (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *Energy metabolism
9. Vit. E 400 I.U. (1) - bought at Walmart (cheaper than GNC)
    *Heart Health

with dinner (again with food, trust me) ...

1. Another Multi-betic vitamin
2. Another Green Tea
3. Another Cinnamon
4. MSM 1000 mg (1) - bought from Walmart, cheaper than GNC
    *joint health (I suffer from knee injuries I acquired from when I was on Active Reserve; so anything that is for the joints --- give me)
5. Fish, Flaxseed, Borage Oil OMEGA 3, 6, 9 (1) - bought from Walmart, cheaper than GNC
    *Heart health
6. Biotin (super potency) 5000mcg
    *skin/hair/nail support (about three yrs ago my hair began falling out, by the handfuls. I dreaded washing my hair because I knew just how much hair would be falling out. I once had such thick and lush hair. For example, once when I went to actually pay for a perm (my mom use to do them cause she was a cosmetologist when I was a kid); so anyways ... it took three perm solutions for my head of hair. Picture to follow just to show you .. I really do miss my hair. pouting over now. :(
   Long story short, about a year and a half ago I started taking the Biotin. A friend who became a hairdresser recommended it to me. He said it would work. Holy Cow, it did. Within a couple weeks I started noticing less hair falling out. And not to mention my shedding like a cat slacked up too.
   So now many moons later I am still taking it and will not stop taking it. My hair is no wear near being as thick as it once was (frowning) but at least I am not making a wig purchase. I was very close to it; heck there are still days I want too, cause I have spots that are thinner than others. But this gal is not complaining anymore about my thinning hair.
    I can't say much on the nail and skin part of this pill; haven't seen any changes there. My nails never grow. Have always had short & brittle nails; guess what? I still do. And this gal needs a mani bad. It was been a few months. :/

So anyhow ... if you suffer from tiredness, give these supplements a go. No promises for you, but for me they helped DRAMATICALLY. This gal will NOT be stopping these pills even though some are HUGE and hard to swallow due to size and nasty taste.

**I commented on where my hubs bought them cause he gets almost all of his from GNC and I am a bit more thrifty and WILL NOT pay more when I don't have too. I refused to allow him to pay 30$ for a bottle that only cost 8$ ... no kidding on that price difference. hee hee

Just took my vitamins with my morning cup of coffee while typing this post. Now that is multi-tasking. Oh and I ate my single pancake (made from scratch - will share recipe shortly) with two scrabbled eggs on top also.

Wishing y'all a beautiful Wednesday,
May God Bless all y'alls hearts,

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