Sunday, September 9, 2012

Help ... I can't fall asleep ...

Has this ever happened to you? It is 0411 and I am still awake. I have been browsing PINTEREST .. yes I know, just shut the laptop and walk away ... RIGHT! ha ha, it is horribly addicting. I have came across so many awesome ideas for inspiration lately.

I only finally got hooked into the site about two weeks ago and boy am I drawn into it. So many crafty people and unique ideas. So here is one I was inspired by tonight while not able to sleep .... found through Pinterest (not my photo - click below link for source) ....

I had some jars laying around waiting to use for another project; however, this one was perfect for them instead. :)
I have finished one cozie in PINK of course and will be making lots more. I used one of my own favorite stitch combinations on it and have came up with a even better idea for the second one I plan to work up next.
I will get pictures and instructions up tomorrow for y'all to see.
Plan to make these for my craft supplies and thinking of doing some for the kitchen as well.
Eeeek .... can't wait to get them done.
Stay tuned y'all.....

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