Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautiful Morning

Good Morning y'all. For the first morning in months I am greeting the day on the back patio. It is a hard to believe wonderful 63 degrees right now.  I'm sitting here listening to the birds speak to one another and the rain drops still finding their way onto the ground from our small shower we had during the night. Sun rising up so graciously; however beginning to blind me.

I can not wait til winter comes, ha ha WINTER in SW Georgia - but at least colder weather. There will never be a WINTER in SW Georgia like we had two years ago in North Dakota. OH MY GOODIES - that was a Winter. -40 to -70 for days / weeks. NEVER AGAIN will we live in North Dakota. That was a very long year .... Now when I speak of ND there is a lot of sarcasm cause it was a horrible year of our lives - the coldest section of the coldest state and we had never seen snow before. hahaha. Then we got the BIG Flood during the summer (2011) - more on this story later I promise

However, we are all 6 in agreement we miss the 4 seasons and want to have white Christmas's again. That was enjoyable. But I don't think this winter will be that winter.

I will be sharing a little project I started over the weekend - still working on it, cause my youngest daughter decided she also wants several in her bedroom .... anticipation sets in .... check back later. I will also give some simple instructions on how to make your own.

Wishing y'all a beautiful day.
May God Bless all y'alls hearts.


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