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Hello, thank you for taking time to stop by my blog you are very welcome here. This is where I write about the things that I love, at the moment these include: crochet, crafting, cooking, thrifting, DIYing and spending time with my family.

It has also become a place where I post my crochet patterns and Tutorials. I hope to get to interact with people who love to craft as much as myself!

A am a child of God & a wife to a wonderful Southern gent. A mother to 4 very active kiddos; 2 girls ages 14 & 9 and 2 boys ages 8 & 7. We currently live in a small Georgia town where Peter Pan Peanut butter is made.

I absolutely LOVE all things Pink. I like to call myself a Jane-of-all-crafts; however there are a couple I have yet to tackle, but plan to one day.  I am an insulin dependent diabetic and absolutely dislike sticking myself with needles, but once worked as a phlebotomist and got to stick others all day long.

Currently I am a stay-at-home-mama (SAHM). We are homeschooling again this year and debating on public school next year. HUGE debate; yet a friendly one. I will be starting back to school next semester and beginning to take classes toward a future in Nursing. One step at a time.
I have been married for 15 yrs this past May to my highschool sweetheart. My hubs works for the city as a Lineman Apprentice. He will be beginning school shortly to become a Fireman/EMT. 

We are Red & Black all the way. GO DAWGS!!!!
As you follow my blog you will learn so many interesting things about me and my LITTLE family. You will discover we don't take small steps toward anything, we take GIANT leaps.  I have so many DIY projects on the list ... so go grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and sit back on a comfy seat and enjoy.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Be sure to add my blog to your favorites so that you can come by daily for a little bit of Southern Crafting. xoxo J-me
May God Bless all y'alls hearts

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