Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree ...

Merry Christmas everyone.
With over 200 ornaments collected through the
past 15 years ... here she is.
*yes we forgot the garland* will fix that ...
Our tradition (ever since I can remember)
is to put our Christmas tree up
the day after Thanksgiving.
So even now with 4 kiddos
we carry on the tradition and the kids
ache with pain all through
the month of November in
anticipation of that one day after.
Who doesn't love a light up
Coca-Cola polar bear ...
we have 4 (each different of course)
and we even got a visit
from our Neighborhood
SpiderMan last night.

ELVES ... Yes we have three elves
hidden in our tree.
I think this is the part the kids
look forward to the most.
They ask and ask
about these elves until they appear.

Santa of course ... we have soo many
Santas I'm not sure how
they even keep track of themselves.

Yes, even a UGA Santa...
Go Dawgs.
Best be a Dawg fan in our house
or you may not get
visited by Santa.

Yep ... ELF #2 tucked
away ... I hope
he doesn't get into too
much mischief ...

and his pal ... ELF #3 ...
oh boy, it might be an interesting
month ahead.
A little bit of Christmas Sparkle
going on up in that tree...

oh my, look there, another Santa.
teehee, they are al so cute.

Who doesn't need a Sparkly
jet to fly around
during Christmas ... we got one!

We even have a few that have
traveled all the way
from Australia to spend
Christmas with us.

and what do you know ...
Santa and his trusty
**After we got about 50+ ornaments hung
we realized we forgot to put on the garland first.
Our tree is missing that extra pop of garland
color. So I will be crocheting some garland with bells
to carfully run through the branches and
ornaments. I will share a final
photo once done.
Going to use this tutorial I did up for y'all -
Wishing all y'all a Wonderful & Beautiful Christmas Season!!!!

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