Wednesday, November 14, 2012

... a little Princess in the making

So sorry for my absence. I have been away
working on items to fill my
new Etsy shop. Plan to open this weekend.
Here is a little something I was working
last night and finished up
this morning.
She is meant to be worn by a 1yr old
Princess having her pictures
taken by the talented

I didn't follow a pattern, created it step by step
on my own and just went with it.
Hope you like...
I sketched out a rough yet precise pattern. teehee
Then just sewed a straight stitch around the whole pattern as shown above.

Sewed around the entire pattern.

My straight stitch left after sewing around pattern.

With pinking shears I then cut around the entire thing.
(Oh I guess I should add -- I have a satin and cotton layered with
a layer of that fusible stuff between them. I ironed it to the satin's wrong side)

after cutting around the whole crown -- Carfully!!!!

I first played with a lot of stuff to end up with what I show now.
This was my first step at decorating it up.

and added more girly touches.

and here she finished. The right side.

close up of the right side. I attached a silver satin ribbon
for it to tie in the back. Making it adjustable for different sized heads.

and the Left side.

and the front view.

So what do y'all think?
If you have any questions, feel free to post a question or
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I will be opening my etsy shop very soon.
This weekend soon !!!!!!
Bless all Y'all!!!!

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