Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Been up to ...

Hello everyone ...
It is the eve of Thanksgiving.
How many of you are NOT ready yet?
Teehee, I'm not.
Up until last night I was going to be hosting
Thanksgiving at our place. However
we will be going to the parents
this year. BUT all we are doing
is taking the food there.
Mom will still be preparing the usual as
we had planned.
They have a yard for the kids to enjoy.
AND just bigger overall.
What have I been up too lately .....
creating a Unique basket liner for Photographers.
I am still working on naming it ...
But SHAG comes to mind.
Will be offered in many size and color
I actually plan to create a livingroom
size rug like this ..
that will take me a while to complete however.
But will be worth it once I start
and complete it.
One has already been sold to Ms Mallie with
Can not wait to see what she does with it.
**A pattern will be created for this.
Happy Thanksgiving all y'all wonderful People.

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