Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Posting this a little early ... Can't sleep. Frowning. So even though it is after 2am Eastern Time, it will be dated Tuesday. hee hee

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - ha ha ... coming from me. OH boy, watch out y'all.

I was chatting with a wonderful friend down in Florida while making some yummy sweet cornbread yesterday evening for dinner to go along with Bbq chicken (I cheated, I fixed the chicken in the crock pot - oh how I love my crock pot), creamy rice, sweet carrots, & sweet taters (I see a trend in that dinner - SWEET!))
She had asked me to give her a call to discuss an upcoming sale her daughter's ballet class was preparing for to raise money for their upcoming season. I of course said OF COURSE. This got me to thinking ... all the stuff I need to accomplish during the month of September. Oh boy, the list started growing in my head.
THEN .... after the kids laid down to bed I was browsing a new favorite blog I came across a few days ago Raising up Rubies. She had wrote about a wonderful Lil post on "September Sort-it". She had borrowed the idea from another cute blogger.

Make a list of 30 things you want to get done during the month of September. Oh boy, I can make a list like that easy-peasy I thought, but to stop at 30, that will be the challenge; there are so many things I WANT to do.  AND then to get through all 30. Yikes, I hope I can do that.

So here is my list of 30 ... okay so it was harder than I thought to actually come up with 30 things to list ... ha ha I did make it to 20 like Jaime did on Raising up Rubies. I'm sure I will come up with the other 10 things to jot down within a day or two. ha ha

I did get THIS listed in the shop this week. I just love how my lil Dancing Fairy Garland turned out.

AND I adore how the photographer used it in this photo. So stinkin cute ...  Beautiful work Ms Kristina.

Coming up Tomorrow on Tutorial Thursday ...

Have a Blessed Day Y'all. Thank you for stopping by.
Bless your Southern Heart,

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