Monday, September 10, 2012

My weekend Project ... Jar & Container crochet cozies

As Promised here are some pictures of my weekend project ...
I originally started out to make some for my craftroom. However, then my youngest daughter wanted some for her room that we are working on remodeling SLOWLY ... oh my gosh this girl changes her mind daily. :)
I was inspired by a photo I saw on PINTEREST, ha ha, go figure right. Only the BIGGEST inspiration site on the web.
What you need -
Jars & containers (any size - glass, plastic, etc)
yarn of your choice
crochet hooks in appropriate sizes to crochet with your yarns
embellishments (either made by you or bought)
adhesive to adhere the embellishments
As you can see I am using a wide range of containers - old jam jars, mason jars, store bought spaghetti jars, water bottle, parmesan cheese container, & even a plastic drink flavor container.

Bree picked out various colors of yarn among my ever growing stash. She went with mostly pastels but just had to throw in some hot pink and bright purple.
Her bedrooms NEW theme is "Fairy Garden". So many projects to get accomplished. Right now the room is sad looking - only a bed frame, mattress, make-shift desk, storage drawer units, and a couple things on the walls. Oh and her HOT PINK lamp & her stuff animals/dolls :)
The Start ...
Crochet in rounds or in rows using your favorite stitch or stitch combination. Be sure to measure twice and make sure it will fit snug and not be too BIG or too SMALL.
Once you have it at the correct hight, finish it off and weave in your ends. If you crocheted yours in the round like I did then that is it. Just slide over your container. If you crocheted in rows and formed a rectangle looking piece, then slip stitch your sides together or use a tapestry needle with a blunt end and matching yarn and stitch closed.
**If you think ahead you could actually create a bottom to them as well. I thought of this after I did several, so I just didn't bother with the rest.

Then embellishments are added to Bree's ...

 * For the yellow jar I crocheted a small rose and added it to a long chain & tied it around the jar.

* For the light pink jar I created several little blossoms using a round loom I found at a yard sale a long time ago - not sure what it is actually used for, I sort of just played around and came upwith these gals. Have seen similar elsewhere so maybe I used it for what it was meant to be used for. :)

 * For the mint green one I crocheted some small hearts (roughly 1" in size)

 *For the hot pink jar I made a simple satin poppy blossom in dark purple and attached.

These are mine ... more to come ...

For the tall Mason jar I actually took a bonnet I had finished and instead of using it for what it was intended for I wrapped it around the jar and it fit perfect, so I just stitched it up closed and BAM - Mason jar cozie. That pattern you can get to here. I did however make this bonnet a bit larger than what the pattern called for. It has 7 shells and 8 shells altering rows.

If you are new to crocheting, check out lots of how-to videos on Youtube - there are tons of them showing you how to do these steps.
I plan to write up the steps I followed while making these and I will then create some tutorials for y'all to try. Keep an eye out for them to follow soon. 
I still have roughly 8 more jars/containers I want to cover ... so there will be lots of jar cozie patterns to come.
Feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments. You can also reach me at
I would love to see photos of your completed jar cozies. :)
Wishing y'all a wonderful day.
May God bless all y'alls hearts.

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