Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I have been up to ...

Since today is Wednesday I thought I would title this "What I've been up to Wednesday" ... no wisdom for today just yet ... to early. heehee

While perusing Pinterest last week I started seeing a lot of Granny Squares ... for those of you who don't know, Granny Squares are these ...
You can google images or browse Pinterest for LOTS of inspiration and pattern tutorials.
I have been crocheting for many years but I have NEVER crocheted a Granny Square. I know right. May be a shocker to many crocheters out there ... how easy and how simple of a project, but nope I had never made one.
Well, I can no longer say that. I have made a stack.
I just love these colors ... Source
This is a neat idea too ... Source
I am working on a throw for Bree's bedroom. Pastels of plenty. Undecided on size as of right now.

However, Monday night while working a few up one of my sons informed me he wanted one in red & black with a Georgia "G" front and center. WHAT??? okay, I'm self-taught and that isn't happening at all. :)
So then he informs me that if I can't do that then he wants just red & black.
So then my thought is "are these sort of afghans for boys?"
Asked my hubs what he thought and he didn't think so ... I just don't know, "sorta looks girly to me" he said but I didn't inform my son of that statement.
And oh my goodies I just love this one. Look at the texture ... Source
So I think I will make all my kiddos a throw size afghan to be one of their Christmas gifts this year.
BUT, my boys will receive one less "girly"; thinking strips or basket weave design I spotted. I like these ...
Then I saw this picture on Pinterest ... Hello ... YES I am so going to do this to them ALL as well. Talk about an absolutely warm afghan for snuggling on mama (heehee) ...
Just love the warmth this would give ... Source
Isn't that the coolest afghan for a boy!!! I'm sold on this one for them ... Source
And here is a link to her Etsy shop with pattern for it ... CLICK
Okay so now to MINE for Miss Bree:
These are just a few ...

I will be posting a tutorial on these later. Once I do I will update this post with link.
I hope all y'all enjoy this post on Granny Squares. :)
Wishing y'all a beautiful Wednesday. It is 10am and only 67 degrees outside. Oh YES!!! Hello Fall!!!
May God Bless all y'alls hearts.

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